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bed mover and powered tug hitches

Hitching and accessories for tugs, bed movers and linen movers

Hitches for Gzunda bed movers and linen movers

The Gzunda GZ10SL and Gzunda GZS bed movers have been designed to be adaptable to many different types of beds. It is however, necessary to configure some basic elements to ensure absolute compatibility. Please choose from the steps to configure your Gzunda bed mover.

To find out whether your healthcare bed or stretcher is compatible with the Gzunda bed mover, please download our compatibility chart.

Hitch Type


Gripper hitch kit with hitch bar

Order code:

Suits 20-40 mm bed frame.

This hitch is fully automatic and can only be used with beds with an exposed bed frame to securely “grip” to.

The gripper hitch is available in a variety of sizes.

Can be used on both GZ10SL and GZS models. (780 mm length)

bed mover gripper hitch

Flex hitch kit with hitch bar

Order code:

The flex hitch provides the maximum compatibility between most hospital beds and the Gzunda bed mover.

Can be used on both GZ10SL and GZS models. (780 mm length)

bed mover flex hitch

Ratchet hitch

Order code:

The ratchet hitch securely fastens onto any shaped frame. (780 mm length)

bed mover ratchet hitch

Clamping hitch

Order code:

Clamping hitch kit.

clamping hitch

Groove hitch for gzunda linen mover

Order code:

Groove hitch kit with hitch bar. (780 mm length)

groove hitch for gzunda linen mover

Bed mover tine height




Standard height: 100 mm.

Optional height: 85 mm using lowest wheel position.

Don't have clearance under the bed?
See our GZS model for Floorline beds.

gzunda bed mover tyne height

Bed mover accessories 


Part Code (Factory-fitted)


Battery upgrade



Oxy bottle holder



Retrofittable hitch kits to suit the common hitch bars above (to enable multiple hitch styles on your bed mover):

Gripper hitch unit kit


bed mover gripper hitch unit kit

Flex hitch unit kit


bed mover flex hitch unit kit

Ratchet hitch unit kit


bed mover ratchet hitch unit kit

Groove hitch unit kit


bed mover Groove hitch unit kit



Hitches for powered tugs

Hitching to loads is a critical part of operating an Electrodrive powered tug. Below are the standard hitches available for the Electrodrive powered tug range. If you don't find one that suits your equipment, we can make one that does.

Download the tug hitch information sheet.

Hitch Type


Typical Application

Pin hitch

Order code: EDHT1316

Tug Compact

Trolley drawbar

Auto-latching hitch

Order code: EDHT1810-024

Tug Evo

  • Most common trolley hitch

  • Existing tug applications

Clamping hitch

Order code: EDHT1118

Tug Compact
Tug Evo

  • Roll cages

  • Linen trolleys

  • Rented trolleys

Lock-tow hitch

Order code: EDHT1300

Tug Evo

  • Trailers

  • Caravans

  • Boat trailers

Powered tug accessories and options



Part Code

Amber strobe 24V

Tug range


Audible beeper

Tug range


Ballast upgrade (per 12 kg)

Tug range


Battery upgrade for extended run time

Tug Evo


Non-marking grey tyre upgrade (size: 410/350-6)

Tug range


Puncture proof tyres (poly-filled, size: 410 x 350-6)

Tug range


Puncture-proof tyres (poly-filled, size: 13/5 x 6)

Tug Evo 3.5 tonne


Quick-change batteries 2 x 34aH lift out (includes cable set)

Tug range


Quick-change batteries 2 x 45aH lift out (includes cable set)

Tug Evo


Spare key

Tug range


Throttle lever guard

Tug range


Weather-proofing (IPX2) includes tiller component upgrade and splashguard fitted

Tug range


Weather/dust-proofing (IP54) Includes electrical enclosure and tiller components upgrade

Tug range



Universal hitches for towing 660 and 1100 litre bins

Our universal hitching brackets fit underneath 660 litre or 1100 litre bins (with the castors fitted underneath) to maximise strength and enable towing of multiple bins at once.

The hitching brackets are suitable for ramps up to 14 degrees. The tow pins are secured by R-pins.

Download our Towing 660 or 1100 litre bins brochure.

Sulo bins with the Tug Incliner


Order code

Hitch type



Front hitching bracket for 660 and 1100 litre bins

Fits onto the front of the bin to allow it to be towed.

Sulo bin hitch HB1100BINFRONT


Rear hitching bracket for 660 and 1100 litre bins

Fits onto the rear of the bin and allows another bin to be towed and follow the chain.

Sulo bin hitch HB660BINREAR


Accessories for towing 660L and 1100L bins

Directional lock tabs for steering

Warning: Never tow with four swivel castors.

Towing bins with four swivel castors will cause problems with trailing and 'fishtailing'–cutting corners, rather than following the unit.

For safety purposes, directional lock tabs are fitted to your bin's existing rear swivel castors to enable controlled steering and towing in a straight line.

Order code



  • For use on Sulo bin castors.

  • Improves steering and manouverability. 

  • Enables towing of bins in a straight line. 

  • Fitted between castor plate and base of bin for reliability and safety.

Directional lock tabs on bin


Serviced Equipment


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