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Tug Evo application in an airport terminal

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A major duty-free outlet inside Melbourne Airport needed a better way to replenish stock inside their store. The current procedure involved staff in their storage facility loading stock into carts which, when fully loaded, could weigh up to 350 kg and stand almost two metres high.


A staff member takes a loaded cart and carefully navigates up and down long ramps under the terminals, through a number of busy thoroughfares peppered with passengers and their luggage carts, until they finally reach the store. All the while, checking to make sure that they don’t collide with anyone or anything. Once they replenish the stock, they then return the cart with the discarded packaging back the same way. This process is repeated six times over the course of the day, multiplying the risk of injury, not just to the staff pushing the heavy loads, but to the general public.


By introducing an Electrodrive Tug Evo to their workflow, the same staff can now comfortably tow two carts together along the same route, doubling their efficiency, and greatly reducing the risk of injury to themselves or the people around them. This is made possible because the Tug Evo, a battery powered towing device, is able to pull weights of up to two tonnes, with the operator always in front of the load and facing forward in a natural ergonomic walking position. This enables the operator to concentrate on what is ahead, navigating around any obstacles with ease, making the same work process lighter, easier, safer and more efficient.


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