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Electrodrive's powered transpak trolley for moving meal delivery units

Powered trolleys for meal delivery systems

Meal delivery in hospitals and aged care facilities can be a demanding task. Pushing and manoeuvring refrigerated and heated tray delivery units presents risks of manual handling injuries.

Take the strain out of meal deliveries in hospitals and aged care facilities

Electrodrive's powered movers help reduce the risks of manual handling injuries and improves efficiency. Ergonomically designed to place the user in front of the load, maximum forward visibility reduces the risk of collisions with other staff, patients or objects.

Designed to transport heated or refrigerated units, the movers are battery-powered and enable a single user to tow up to 500 kg with ease.

Typical applications

Suitable for use in hospitals, aged care homes/facilities, healthcare and correctional facilities.

Meal delivery mover range

The Transpak powered meal delivery trolley


Pictured carrying a Burlodge meal delivery pod, the Transpak can safely move up to 500 kg.

Powered Tug Compact

Tug Compact

The Tug Compact can tow your meal delivery systems

Powered Fifth Wheel trolley kit

Retrofittable Powered Fifth Wheel kit

Convert your manual trolleys into powered ones.


About our range

The Transpak powered platform trolley is specifically designed to carry meal delivery pods (including the Burlodge), and can safely move up to 500 kg. The Transpak is ideal for large facilities where a significant number of meals need to be delivered regularly. It is also equipped with a battery-powered motor and an adjustable speed control, which allows the operator to move the trolley at a comfortable pace.

The Tug Compact, is designed to tow meal delivery systems and other equipment. Various hitches are available to suit your existing trolleys/units for easy connection. Easy to manoeuvre, the Tug Compact can tow loads up to 500 kg.  

For facilities that already have manual trolleys, a retrofittable Powered Fifth Wheel is available. This kit can be installed onto manual trolleys, converting them into powered solutions. The kit includes a hand control unit, battery, charger and motorised fifth wheel which provides the power needed to tow heavy loads effortlessly.

Our range of powered meal delivery trolleys offer many benefits for healthcare facilities, including improved efficiency, reduced risk of injuries, and increased operator comfort. By investing in a powered meal delivery system, hospitals and aged care facilities can provide better care to their patients and residents while also improving the working conditions for their staff.