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Restocking Shelves

Extended opening hours means that restocking of shelves needs to be done amongst shoppers. It needs to be done quickly, yet safely. Running into shoppers with a loaded roll cage is the last thing you need. You are also exposed to the risk of staff injuries – particularly to the back and shoulder regions as a result of pushing and stopping the tall heavy roll cages.

The Electrodrive Tug is here to help.

Utilizing an Electrodrive Tug, engineered hitches and a re-stocking tool case (accessory), the roll cage transfer system from Electrodrive delivers the solution. The Tug can safely move heavy roll cages reducing the risk of shoulder and back strains to your workers. It provides greater control of the roll cages, particularly under emergency braking. With an additional roll cage in tow, the removal of waste can be made even easier. The tug can be fitted with an optional tool case, providing convenient access to the required tools.

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