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Workplace safety and injury prevention

Safety in the workplace

Are you doing enough to protect your staff?

At Electrodrive we are focused on helping companies not only improve efficiencies, but in reducing workplace injuries caused by repetitive tasks such as pushing, pulling and lifting heavy loads using trolleys, equipment, beds or bins.

Whether your staff are pushing trolleys all day long, or you're needing multiple staff to move heavy loads, any manual handling of wheeled equipment can be made safer and more efficient with our range of powered mobility products.

Duty of care

All companies have a ‘duty of care’ to their staff. With an ageing workforce, the risk of strain injuries increase. By incorporating our powered mobility products in your workplace, you can ensure your staff will be safer and in turn, reduce recruiting and training costs associated with replacing injured employees.

Tailored solutions

Not every workplace is the same. Whether you're in the business of moving patients, industrial equipment, retail stock or even aircraft, Electrodrive will create a solution that will fit your workplace environment and processes.

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