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Are your staff at risk?

Did you know, 60% of workplace injuries in the healthcare industry are directly associated with pushing and pulling trolleys, beds and wheelchairs, and lifting and assisting patients?

Whether you’re moving beds, linen, food or waste, Electrodrive can help your staff to stay safe and demonstrate compliance with the Hazardous Manual Tasks, Work Health and Safety Code of Practice.

Electrodrive are experts in mindful moving

We work with Healthcare facilities to improve safety outcomes in their push-pull processes and patient safety.

We are a single-source solution provider in mobile applications with intelligently simple, smart product design.

We have a branch network in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and an Australia-wide service network to support our rock-solid warranty and offer preventative maintenance programs.

We have solutions to prevent push/pull injuries effecting the shoulder, back, neck, arm, forearm/wrist, knee, and hand and fingers.

The cost of doing nothing is huge

The Healthcare & Social Assistance industry suffers more than 18,000 musculoskeletal injuries a year, according to Safe Work Australia (Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics, 2018–19). The median cost of a push/pull injury is $8,000 with six weeks lost. With an annual incidence rate of 12.6 per 1000 employees suffering serious injuries related to injury and musculoskeletal disorders, the cost to a healthcare facility can be enormous. And of course the personal cost to an injured worker can be devastating.

Reducing push/pull injuries is easy

We can help you to redesign your work processes to reduce the risks of strain and injury associated with manual pushing and pulling heavy loads.

The Hazardous Manual Tasks, Work Health & Safety Code of Practice, and the related State Government Industry Guideline publications can be so broad that they tell you what the problem is, but offer only vague solutions.

For example, WorkSafe Victoria's Injury Hotspots—Aged Care and Injury Hotspots—Nurses & Midwives, direct that when pushing and pulling trolleys and wheelchairs, "Provide appropriate mechanical aids and equipment... and ensure they are used properly and maintained in accordance with manufacturer specifications".

But what to do next? We can help you go from knowing what the problem is, to actually doing something to fix it. Electrodrive offers actionable solutions with industry best-practice equipment.

Can we help?

See how the Electrodrive healthcare range can help keep you and your staff safe in your workplace.

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