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Strong Arm hoist

A cantilever crane with 500 kg lift capacity

Strong Arm Hoist

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Features at a glance

500 kg lift capacity.

Hand winch operation.

Can be folded for storage.

The Strong Arm is a cantilever crane designed to be statically bolted to a concrete floor (such as a loading bay).

An integral piece of plant equipment used for lifting loads between floors, while effectively eliminating the need for manually carrying heavy, bulky equipment on stairs, or the use of a forklift.

A hand winch is low-geared to ensure loads of up to 500 kg can be easily raised, while precise positioning of the load is achieved through geared hand-slewing of the mast.

Extra lift height can be achieved by raising the boom (prior to lifting the load).

The mast is fitted to the base plate with two pins. Remove the first pin and the mast can be folded down for easy travel. Remove the second (pivot) pin and the Strong Arm can be stowed away.

Typical applications

It is suitable for plant equipment, workshops, manufacturing, factories.

Features and specifications

Order code


Lift capacity

500 kg

Operation mode

Hand winch operation.


Can be folded for storage.

Cable length

10 m


Comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Dimensions (L/W/H)

1171/508/1557 mm

Strong Arm Hoist dimensions

Please note:

Supply only. Fitting is as per specific site requirements. Onsite installation and mounting must be done by a qualified engineer.


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