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Front-of-house trolley collection system

Trolley collection with a tug

Front-of-house trolley collection system

Stock trolleys are notoriously bulky and cumbersome. They block supermarket aisles and cause disruptions for shoppers and staff.

Due to their size and fixed castor configuration they can become very heavy to steer manually, which not only slows down the overall job of stocking shelves, but present a risk of injury to staff and shoppers.

Electrodrive Trolley Collection System (ETCS)

The ETCS is an Electrodrive powered tug with a ‘remote’ switch to enable the operator to steer the tug using a remote control.

With enhanced safety features the remote control tug assists when transporting trolleys in high traffic and pedestrian areas.


  • Reduce time stocking shelves.

  • Improve safety for staff and shoppers.

  • Move multiple trolleys at a time.

  • Maximise forward visibility while steering from the front of the trolley queue.

  • Always have two points of contact with trolleys (with the operator at the front, and the tug at the back).

  • Unhitch trolleys from the rear of the trolley queue, making it easier to park in trolley bays.

  • Safely manoeuvre through busy areas with increased visibility from the amber strobe light on pole.

Tug remote switch and remote control

Pictured: The ʻfront-of-houseʼ ETCS tug remote control switch and hand-held remote control.



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