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Move heavy wheelie bins easily using a powered bin trolley

Bin movers

Move multiple wheelie bins with ease

Manually moving wheelie bins to a central location for collection presents risk of shoulder and back injuries to your staff. 

Reduce the strain by using an Electrodrive Powered Bin Trolley or a Liftmaster Modular Bin Trailer to move multiple wheelie bins at once. Both products enable a single person to quickly and effortlessly move multiple heavy wheelie bins to a centralised waste collection area with ease. 

Accompanied by an Electrodrive powered tug, the Modular Bin Trailer has the capacity to move up to six wheelie bins with a load capacity of 240 kg per wheelie bin. Depending on your requirements, the modular bin trailer is available in two sizes, a three-bin bay trailer and a six-bin bay trailer.

The Powered Bin Trolley is a battery-operated, easy-to-steer powered unit with a load capacity of 400 kg, and can move up to three wheelie bins at once.

Wheelie bin mover range

Powered bin trolley

Powered bin trolley

Move up to three 240 litre wheelie bins, weighing up to 400 kg.

Bin Trailer: Modular

Modular bin trailer

Available in three or six bin models, with a load capacity of up to 240 kg per bin bay.

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