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Bin lifters for schools

Bin lifters for schools that are safe and easy to use

There will always be waste. A growing population means an increase in rubbish, and more rubbish means an increase in manual waste handling processes, like emptying bins into skips.

Our range of Liftmaster bin lifters have been designed to specifically allow a single operator to move and empty waste bins safely, whilst reducing the risk of back and side strain from pushing and pulling.

Queensland Deptartment of Education and Training identifies the risk

Queensland Department of Education and Training published the "Waste Management: Health and Safety Fact Sheet", (June 2014), which directed that "wheelie bins are not to be manually lifted into industrial bins." "If wheelie bins are to be emptied into an industrial bin then an appropriate lifting device is to be provided."

Better waste management for schools

Adopting a Liftmaster bin lifter for your school is a smart and safe way to empty heavy bins into skips. It. reduces the risks associated with manual handling injury and is a more efficient way to manage waste. The Liftmaster Simplicity Plus bin lifter and Universal bin lifter allow a single operator to empty wheelie bins safely and efficiently, whilst reducing the risk of back and side strain. They are designed and built right here in Australia, to Australian Standards, and are suitable for 80, 120 and 240 litre bins used in most Australian schools.

The benefits of a bin lifter

Powered by a push button hydraulic system, and safety features like two handed operation, grilles, and in the Universal bin lifter, a safety door, these bin lifters make emptying wheelie bins on school grounds a safe and effortless process.

Liftmaster bin lifters are the best bin lifters on the market:

  • Safely lifts 80L, 120L, 140L and 240L bins

  • Simple to use push button hydraulics to raise and lower bins

  • Easy to manoeuvre—fits through standard internal doorways

  • Battery operated with smart charger included

Simplicity Plus and Universal Bin Lifters

Pictured above: The Simplicity Plus (left) and Universal (right) bin lifters

The entire bin lifter range

Liftmaster bin lifter range



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