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Moving Heavy Awkward Loads

Did you know that 31%* of Australia workplace injuries are from lifting, pushing or pulling objects?

It is common in today's workplace to see heavy and bulky loads placed awkwardly onto some form of trolley to improve its maneuverability. However, it still presents a serious risk of injury to your workforce. This is the single highest cause of workplace injuries in Australia. The use of a forklift to move these loads is no longer an option with the regulators clamping down on forklift use in a pedestrian occupied space. They also require a licensed operator and can pump hazardous fumes into the work environment.

There is a cost effective solution that overcomes these issues. The Electrodrive Tug range is a proven solution in this case, offering a powered pedestrian operated solution, with zero fumes, and no licensing requirements to operate.

The Tug attaches to your existing trolleys, and enables a single operator to effortlessly move heavy and awkward loads about the plant. They can move significantly more weight than a single operator can move manually, improving productivity, and implementing a tug dramatically reduces the risk of shoulder and back injury to your staff.

* Source: Safe Work Australia.

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