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Electrodrive Powered Tugs for moving heavy loads

Why choose an Electrodrive tug?

It’s all in the ergonomics

Ergonomics is defined as an applied science concerned with designing and arranging 'things' people use so that the people and 'things' interact most efficiently and safely. This means that no matter what your occupation or task is, there is always going to be an ergonomic way of doing it. And if that involves repetitive pushing and pulling of heavy loads, finding an ergonomic work process becomes a major factor in reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

Stay in front of the load and avoid collisions

While it is widely accepted that the best way to move a heavy load is by putting it in on wheels, what isn’t commonly known is that the safest way of moving a heavy wheeled load, is by towing it with a battery powered tug.

Whilst there are a wide variety of powered tugs on the market to choose from, only Electrodrive tugs are ergonomically designed to keep the operator in front of load.

Being in front of load provides maximum forward vision, reducing the risk of collisions with other people, equipment and structures. An Electrodrive tug features a unique tiller design that helps the operator maintain correct walking posture and reduces the risk of strains to shoulders, arms and wrists from repetitive use.

Not all tugs are created equal

While it is possible to stay in front of load with other powered tugs, their butterfly shaped controllers are primarily designed for the operator to grip the handle with both hands and push the load. If used for towing, the butterfly handle design puts the operator's shoulders, arm and wrist at a very awkward angle. Traveling over any distance in this position is not ergonomic for the operator and could increase the risk of shoulder, arm, or wrist strains.

By contrast, the tiller handle drive system on Electrodrive tugs seamlessly interact with how the human body moves whilst walking, keeping the operator in a comfortable position.

The obvious choice

If reducing workplace injuries is important to you then the Electrodrive range of powered tugs make them the obvious choice. Why not ask us how we can make help you improve your push-pull processes today?

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