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Clean up Austrlalia with Liftmaster bin lifters

The benefits of using a bin lifter

Efficient and effective waste management

Waste management is an integral part of most businesses. There will always be waste, and while we’re getting better at separating our general waste, recycling and green waste into different types of bins, a growing population simply means more waste, which means an increase in manual waste handling processes, like emptying them into industrial bins or skips.

Safety in the workplace

Lifting and emptying a heavy bin is considered a hazardous manual task. According to the Safe Work Australia website, "A hazardous manual task is where you have to lift, lower, push, pull, carry, hold or restrain something".

According to the Safe Work Australia’s latest "Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2018-2019", there were a staggering 114,435 serious claims of 'injury and musculoskeletal disorders/diseases' made by employees in 2018-2019.

Queensland Deptartment of Education and Training identifies the risk

Queensland Department of Education and Training published the "Waste Management: Health and Safety Fact Sheet", (June 2014), which directed that "wheelie bins are not to be manually lifted into industrial bins." "If wheelie bins are to be emptied into an industrial bin then an appropriate lifting device is to be provided."

How will a Liftmaster bin lifter help?

If your workplace still has a manual waste handling problem, it’s worthwhile investing in a bin lifter to do the heavy work for you.

Manufactured in Australia, Liftmaster's Simplicity Plus and Universal bin lifters have been designed with safety and usability in mind. Equipped with safety panels and powered by a push-button hydraulic system, they are ideal for schools, retail centres, apartment blocks or anywhere where pedestrian access cannot be restricted. A single operator can easily and safely empty 80, 120, 140 and 240 litre wheelie bins, weighing up to 250 kg.

Simplicity Plus and Universal bin lifter features and benefits

  • A single user can lift up to 150 kg with the Simplicity Plus or 250 kg with the Universal bin lifter, with the simple press of a button.

  • There is no risk of manual handling injuries of lifting heavy loads above should height. The bin lifter does all of the work.

  • Safety cage panels eliminate all hand and foot crush points for operators and bystanders.

  • Lockable safety door (Universal model) prevents unauthorised usage.

  • Braking castors for stability, and ease of manoeuvrability for mobility.

  • Bin cradle has a guide to lock the bin’s wheel into place, and is also a safety yellow colour.

  • Hydraulic lift-and-tilt mechanism to ensure no impact with the bin or falling debris.

  • The bin tipping height is 2900 mm, unlike full-swing bin lifter models which require more height clearance.

  • Compatible with 80, 120, 140, and 240 litre wheelie bins.

  • Compatible for use on 1500 mm and 1800 mm steel skip bins.

  • Battery operated hydraulic unit. Battery is rechargeable and includes a smart charger.

  • Operation lift cycle time is 35 seconds.

  • Completely Australian Standards compliant, the safety cage and extra guarding adds extra protection for users.

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