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Electrodrive Powered Tugs v ride-on tugs

Benefits of a powered tug

Why buy a standalone pedestrian tug instead of a ride-on tug?

Before purchasing a powered tug, it's critical to consider the environment where the tug will be used, and the human factors involved.

At Electrodrive, we design and manufacture standalone pedestrian tugs. These are very different to ride-on tugs, and it's important to understand the difference. For example, pedestrian tugs enable the user to walk with the tug at a comfortable walking pace, whereas ride-on tugs generally operate at higher speeds. 

Ride-on tugs have some major disadvantages in waste handling applications—especially in underground carparks where most of the work is done day-after-day, whereas pedestrian tugs have a clear advantage. The table below shows the advantages of a pedestrian tug versus the disadvantages of a ride-on tug.

Pedestrian tugs v Ride-on tugs


Pedestrian tug advantages

Ride-on tug disadvantages


Compact with foldable tiller handles. 

Difficult to store and typically occupying a carpark, their large footprint means they often get in the way of doors and rooms.


Variable speed for walking pace to ensure the operator is always in control. Pedestrian tugs have a programmable top speed of 4.1km per hour (which feels like a fast walking pace).

Due to their design as a vehicle, they normally operate at higher speeds of 15-20 km per hour. This can be a safety hazard when manoeuvering bins around tight spaces in car parks while trying to avoid collisions with parked cars or pedestrians.

Turning circle

Electrodrive standalone tugs are super-compact and can pivot at 90 degrees with ease, making it safe and easy to manoevre in tight spaces. 

Due to their larger footprint, the ride-on tug's turning circle is very wide, making it difficult to turn in tight spaces.


Electrodrive standalone tugs are powered by long-lasting, maintenance free batteries and simple nightly charging using a standard wall plug (240V GPO).

Gas or petrol-powered ride-on tugs emit fumes. This can pose a health hazard in enclosed spaces such as underground carparks.


Electrodrive standalone tugs only require 30 minutes training which is normally done at the same time of delivery.

Some ride-on vehicles require a license or ticket to operate in traffic areas or near roads. This can limit the number of people who can perform the job.

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