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Moving glass with a powered tug

Building design is changing the way glass is being handled in the work place. As glass panels increase in size and double glazing becomes more common, a different approach to safely moving glass needs to be implemented.

The cost of changes to the industry

Workplace injuries are on the rise and the costs are impacting the industry.

The major concerns being raised in the glass industry are:

  • Back and shoulder injuries from manually pushing heavy glass trolleys

  • Staff pushing trolleys are exposed to the glass panels longer than the trolleys

  • Additional staff required to push trolleys

Moving glass is different to moving other materials

At Electrodrive we have been working closely with major glass producers in Australia to design a safer way to move glass on trolleys around the workplace. We understand that the inherent risks of glass increase the potential for injury.

The solution

Slow, smooth and assisted, The range of Powered Tugs allow towing of all glass trolleys up to 3.5 tonnes, including ‘A frames’ with extended glass panes.

By modifying the acceleration and deceleration of the battery powered mover, a gradual load uptake makes means no sharp movements. A single operator can easily move trolleys without contact to the glass over long distances and entry slopes.

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