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Forklifts v Powered Tugs

Forklifts vs Electric Tugs

Clean and efficient powered mobility solutions

If you’re concerned about forklifts in pedestrian zones, or about hazardous fumes in the work environment caused by forklifts or other petrol/diesel/gas powered movers, then an Electrodrive pedestrian battery-operated tug could be the ideal solution for you. 

Electrodrive’s powered tug range enables a single user to safely tow up to 10 tonnes with ease. The units are battery powered, highly manoeuvrable and give off zero emissions, which means they can safely be used in confined spaces, such as basement carparks, factories, warehouses or storage rooms. And unlike other brands, Electrodrive can guarantee that no tug (or any other product) contains toxic lead ballasts.

Ergonomic design

The powered tugs ‘front of load’ ergonomic design ensures the operator maintains a ‘natural’ walking position, and maximum forward vision. This helps the user to avoid the risk of collisions with people, objects or structures. Read more about tug ergonomics.

Electric tugs enable maximum forward vision

Alternatives to forklifts, and clean and efficient

Fitted with deep-cycle, long-lasting, maintenance-free batteries, Electrodrive tugs are easily rechargeable and allow a longer run time and greater efficiency. 

Replacing a forklift with a tug will remove chemical vapour and smoke from the workplace altogether, whilst also reducing the risk of injury and strain. This can help improve productivity while also reducing downtime.

With Electrodrive, you can improve workplace safety and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Moreover, you'll be supporting an Australian-made-and-owned business!


Forklifts v tugs comparison chart








Requires a large storage space due to the height, length and width.


Small and compact with foldable tiller handles for easy storage.

Forward visibility


Forward visibility can be limited with the driver positioned behind the load.


The operator has maximum forward visibility, as they are positioned in front of the load.



Due to size restraints, forklifts have limited manoeuvrability in confined spaces.


Powered tugs are highly manoeuverable, and easy to steer through confined spaces.

Turning circle


Due to their larger footprint, forklifts have a wider turning circle than a tug.


Electrodrive standalone tugs are super-compact and can pivot at 90 degrees with ease, making it safe and easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.



Forklifts create constant engine noise, exposing operators and nearby staff to high volumes of noise on a regular basis. This can lead to noise-induced hearing loss.


Silent to operate.



Diesel, gas or petrol-powered forklifts emit fumes. This can pose a health hazard in enclosed spaces.


Zero emissions.



Regular and ongoing consumption of diesel, petrol or gas. Replacing gas bottles daily requires heavy lifting, increasing the risk of manual handling injuries.


Free to run. Electrodrive standalone tugs are powered by long-lasting, maintenance-free batteries and simple nightly charging using a standard wall plug (240V GPO).



Requires a license to operate. This can limit the number of people who can perform the job.


No license required. Electrodrive tugs only require 30 minutes of basic training, normally provided with delivery.


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