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Electrodrive's Transpak powered trolley with a meal delivery unit

Powered trolleys

Battery operated trolley range

A single user can move up to 500 kg loads with ease using Electrodrive's powered trolley range.

Electrodrive's Transpak is ideal for powering meal delivery systems


A powered platform trolley suitable for meal delivery pods such as the Burlodge (pictured).

Load capacity: Up to 500 kg.

Electrodrive's Powered Fifth Wheel kit for powering manual trolleys

Powered Fifth Wheel

A retrofittable kit for converting manually-pushed trolleys or equipment into powered solutions.

Load capacity: Up to 400 kg.

Electrodrive's Powered bin trolley for moving multiple wheelie bins

Powered bin trolley

The Powered Bin Trolley is perfect for moving multiple wheelie bins.

Load capacity: Up to 400 kg.

Prevent workplace injury and strain using Electrodrive's powered trolley range

When it comes to workplace safety, preventing injury is always a top priority. And with Electrodrive's battery operated trolley range, you can reduce the risk of shoulder, arm and back strain caused by manually pushing or pulling heavy loads.

Our motorised trolleys are designed to take the strain out of heavy load handling, while still enabling a single user to move up to 500 kg with ease. With an ergonomic design that positions the user in front of the load, the user has maximum forward vision, preventing potential collisions.

Our trolleys also feature built-in safety functions and easy-to-use hand controls, ensuring a safe and controlled environment for both the user and the load.

Whether you work in a hospital or aged care facility, or need to move loads of all shapes and sizes, our powered trolley range is the perfect solution for you. Our range includes the Transpak—ideal for meal delivery systems, the Powered Bin Trolley—for moving multiple wheelie bins, and the Powered Fifth Wheel kit—for converting your manual trolleys into powered solutions.

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So why risk injury and strain when you can easily and safely move heavy loads with Electrodrive's powered trolley range? Contact us for more information.

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