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Waste management solutions with Electrodrive and Liftmaster bin lifters and bin movers

Smart waste management solutions

Did you know Australia produces around 76 million tonnes of waste each year!

With such a massive amount of waste to be handled, Liftmaster and Electrodrive can help reduce the effort with smart waste management products.

Powered bin trolleys, bin trailers and powered tugs for moving heavy bins

Moving multiple heavy wheelie bins to a central dumping station can be a physical strain as well as time consuming. Our range of waste management products including powered bin trolleys, bin trailers and powered tugs can assist with the hard work, while ensuring user safety.

Electrodrive's Powered Bin Trolley in action
Electrodrive's Powered Bin Trolley in action
The 3-bin bay Modular bin trailer
The 3-bin bay Modular bin trailer
Electrodrive's Tug Compact towing heavy steel on a slope
A powered tug towing a 1100 litre bin down a ramp

Lift heavy bins safely and easily using a Liftmaster bin lifter

Continually lifting and emptying wheelie bins into skips is time consuming and has a high risk of injury. Side and back strain are the most often reported when lifting bins over shoulder height to empty into skips.

According to the Safe Work Australia’s latest "Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2018-2019", there were a staggering 114,435 serious claims of 'injury and musculoskeletal disorders/diseases' made by employees in 2018-2019. And in terms of lifting, there were 14,795 serious claims related to "muscular stress while lifting, carrying, or putting down objects".

Liftmaster bin lifters help reduce manual handling injuries

Liftmaster bin lifters have been specifically designed with safety in mind, and can help reduce manual handling risks associated with emptying heavy, awkward wheelie bins. They also elimate the need for multiple people to empty bins, allowing a single user to safely and easily lift heavy loads up to 250 kg.

Whether you need a bin lifter for a school, business, retail outlet, construction zone, hospitality, hospital, warehouse or industrial environment, we have bin lifters to suit most applications.

There is no better time to invest in a bin lifter. Payment plans also available on request.

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