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Helping build a garbage truck

The design and manufacture of refuse and sweeping equipment is literally big business for this well known Australian manufacturer. Every day they move large, heavy truck mounted compactors (garbage trucks) and parts through their production line. Their application engineered product offering is extensive.

To meet the demands of this productivity scale, they are reliant on the use of a versatile pedestrian operated tugs to move their work through production. The Tug Tough can move with ease the truck mounted compactors through production prior to fitting to the truck chassis. The standard Tug Tough was fitted with a pintle hook to suit their existing trolleys as a low cost implementation. One operator can move the very large and awkward trolleys within the manufacturing facility that is a 'no-go' zone for forklifts.


  • Safely move massive loads

  • Improved safety through forklift isolation

  • Low cost integration into existing processes


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