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October is National Safe Work Month

Are you ready for National Safe Work Month?

September 2017

October is National Safe Work Month and it is gives businesses an opportunity to review their day-to-day manual handling and processes with the view to reducing the risk of workplace injury to their staff.

This year’s theme—“Sharing safety knowledge and experience benefits everyone”—is an apt reminder that when you know of a safer and better way to do something in the workplace, that you should share it for the benefit of others. According to Safe Work Australia, “work-related injury and disease cost the Australian community $61.8 billion a year.” And while there has been a steady decline in work-related fatalities and workers’ compensation claims over the years, they acknowledge that “there’s still work to be done”.

For Fallshaw Group General Manager Emmanuel Camilleri, the message of safety is paramount. “As an Australian manufacturer I am committed to the safety and wellbeing of my staff, and as a manufacturer of materials handling equipment, we are committed to doing our part in building safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians.”

“We have a massive range of materials handling equipment that are all designed to help keep your workplaces safe,” added Mr Camilleri. “I recommend that businesses who read about the National Safe Work Month, either through the media or the internet, that they seriously think about ways of keeping their staff safe. Have a look at the products that are out there. That could mean the difference between your staff going home or going to the hospital.”

“At the end of the day, the wellbeing of your staff should be your priority,” concluded Camilleri.

If you would like to know more about how to keep your workplace safe, talk to one of our experts on 1800 333 002, or drop us a line at sales@fallshaw.com.au.

Fatality and injury infographics

Safe Work Australia have published infographics highlighting fatality and injury rates across all industries. Here are just some of the industries where injuries can be avoided with the help of Electrodrive powered mobility equipment.

healthcare infographic
manufacturing infographic
construction infographic

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