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Electrodrive becomes the official powered tug supplier of Etihad Airport Services Catering

September 2017

With over 20 million travellers passing through every year, Abu Dhabi International Airport is one of the busiest in the world. The enormous responsibility for providing food, bar supplies and duty free items to the planes that use this busy aviation hub falls on Etihad Airport Services (EAS) Catering.

In 2016 EAS Catering produced around 27 million meals and catered for 87,000 flights. Fallshaw Group Global Sales Manager Lee Hancox was recently invited to see first-hand, just how enormous the task was.

"EAS has a massive operation. They prepare around 90,000 meals per day, packing and transporting them for delivery inside heavy meal carts. It was clear to me that we could help them improve their work processes," said Mr Hancox.

After showing management how Electrodrive can design a solution for their manual handling procedures, EAS Catering awarded Electrodrive the right to supply powered tugs and carts for their catering operation.

Diagram showing manual way vs Electrodrive way

With an Electrodrive tug solution, one person can effortlessly move nine meal carts safely. Previously, two people were needed to move seven meal carts.

"By incorporating our Electrodrive tug and meal cart solution to their work process, the catering division will definitely become more efficient, and their staff will be better protected from the injury risks associated with moving the heavy meal carts from the kitchens to the loading bays," added Hancox.

Hancox plans to continue to work with other airlines and catering companies around the world by providing class-leading solutions to improve their work processes.

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