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Tow mulitple trolleys through aisles with ease

Electrodrive's Follow Me Trolley
Features at a glance

Move up to 10 trolleys with ease.

Articulation system for high manoeuvrability.

Easily negotiates tight corners.

The Follow-Me Trolley is a highly manoeuvrable flatbed trolley with an articulation system inspired by B-Double trailers and road trains.

Designed with a quick hitching mechanism, each trolley can be easily hitched into a train where it mimics the movement of the object directly in front, giving the whole train a very tight turn circle and allowing it to negotiate tight corners and S-bends.

Combined with an Electrodrive powered tug, up to 10 fully loaded Follow-Me Trolleys can be towed safely by one person through tight shopping aisles.

Designed for the smallest tug in our range, the Tug Compact (with its width of only 609 mm) allows it to comfortably fit through doorways and corridors.

Electrodrive's Follow Me Trolley benefits

Custom sizes available

The Follow-Me Trolley can also be customised to suit any application. The articulation system can even be retrofitted to your existing fleet of trolleys.

For a hitch that is designed to suit your equipment please visit our Hitching and Accessories page.

Please note: We make specialised trolleys to order. This is just one of many designs we have.

Call us today to ask us about our extended range or tell us what you need any we’ll provide a quote.

Typical applications

Suitable for retail or industrial environments, including supermarkets where shoppers are pushing trolleys around aisles and passages.

Features and benefits

  • High manoeuvrability of trolley trains through tight corners and S-bends. 

  • Quick release levers for easy hitching and unhitching. 

  • Stay in ‘front of load’, preventing push-pull injuries and the risk of collisions with pedestrians or objects.

  • Articulation system can be retrofitted to your existing fleet of trolleys.

  • Can be ordered separately or with the Tug Compact.

  • Made to order.


Order codes

  • FOLLOWMETRLY (Follow-Me Trolley—single trolley)*

  • TUGCOM500NH (Tug Compact 500 kg (no hitch)

  • EDHTFLWMETRLY (Tug Compact (no hitch)

* Please note: There is a minimum order of six.


Comprehensive 12-month warranty.


Training and servicing programs are available.

Download our Preventative Maintenance Plans for more information.

Dimensions (L/W/H)

Standard size: 819/411/943 mm



Pictured: The standard sized Follow-Me Trolley, showing a close-up of the hand lever.

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