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Wheelie Bin Lid-Opener: A hands-free wheelie bin lid lifter

Liftmaster's Wheelie Bin Lid Opener

A hygienic pedal-operated lid opener for wheelie bins

The Wheelie Bin Lid Opener is a hygienic way to dispose of waste without getting your hands dirty touching the bin. Simply use the foot pedal to open and close the wheelie bin's lid to avoid contamination.

Perfectly suited for fast-paced environments where waste needs to be handled quickly and efficiently, it is ideal for use in kitchens, food preparation, medical and industrial operations.

When using the Wheelie Bin Lid Opener foot pedal:

  • The bin can be partially opened (and held in place with your foot) for quick use.

  • Fully opened for times when large waste needs to be emptied, and then closed again with a quick press of the pedal.

Made from stainless steel, the Wheelie Bin Lid Opener is designed and fitted here in Australia. It can be purchased with the following options:

  • Pre-assembled kit fitted to a wheelie bin.

  • Unassembled kit with wheelie bin, so you can purchase in bulk and save on shipping and handling charges.

  • Kit sold separately, so you can fit it to your existing wheelie bin.

Note: Minimum order quantity of 100 units.
These products are made-to-order and are designed to suit your wheelie bin type/model/design. To ensure that the kits are made correctly, we would require a sample of your wheelie bin to design the kit to suit.

Features and benefits

  • Australian designed.

  • Full stainless steel.

  • Ideal for workplaces adopting COVID-19 safety plans.

  • Can be purchased fully assembled, unassembled or as a separate kit.

  • Hygienic hands-free foot-pedal operation.

  • Can be operated from the front or side.

  • Prevents cross contamination from bin to food transfer.

  • Cost savings can be achieved by a reduction on handwashing, glove use and hand sanitiser.

  • A Wheelie Bin Lid Opener bin can be emptied by a Liftmaster bin lifter into a bulk bin.

  • Can be picked up and emptied by a waste bin truck in the usual weekly/daily collection.

  • 12-month warranty.

Bin compatibility

  • Compatible with 80, 120 and 240 litre wheelie bins.

  • Designed to be used only on Sulo and Schaefer bins.

Wheelie Bin Lid-Opener compatible wheelie bin sizes

Typical applications

  • Commercial kitchens and food preparation areas.

  • Washrooms and bathrooms.

  • Medical and healthcare facilities.

  • Industrial and construction.

  • Any commercial or residential site where emptying waste safely is required.


Suitable for hospital or medical storage rooms
Suitable for hospital or medical storage rooms
Wheelie Bin Lid-Opener wheelie bins are suitable for commercial kitchens
Suitable for commercial kitchens
Wheelie Bin Lid-Opener wheelie bins are suitable for bathrooms and washrooms
Ideal for washrooms or bathrooms


Wheelie Bin Lid Opener kit

The kit consists of:

  • A foot pedal frame and vertical bars.

  • Hinges.

  • Nuts and bolts.

Lift-A-Lid kit components


Order codes

Wheelie bin options

Bin size

Order code

80 litre wheelie bin.
Dimensions (H x D x W): 825 x 496 x 440 mm

80 litre


120 litre wheelie bin.
Dimensions (H x D x W): 925 x 555 x 480 mm

120 litre


240 litre wheelie bin.
Dimensions (H x D x W): 1060 x 730 x 550 mm

240 litre


360 litre wheelie bin*.
Dimensions (H x D x W): 1116 x 904 x 669 mm

360 litre


* The 360LTBIN is special order. We do not stock this item.


Wheelie Bin Lid Opener kit options

Bin size

Order code

Kit sold separately.
For fitting to your existing wheelie bin.

80 litre


120 litre


240 litre


Unassembled kit with wheelie bin.
Ideal for buying in bulk.

80 litre


120 litre


240 litre


Pre-assembled kit fitted to a wheelie bin.

80 litre


120 litre


240 litre



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