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Tullamarine International Airport

How Electrodrive can help the aviation industry

Moving 35,000 meals per day

Being a large-scale airline catering business servicing an iconic Australian airline is quite an accolade. This airline caterer meets 275,000 departures a year from their seven catering and food production centres across Australia and that equates to moving 35,000 meals per day from their kitchens to loading trucks.

To improve safety and productivity efficiency in their supply chain, Electrodrive’s powered tug, the Tug Classic was commissioned to streamline their large-scale catering requirement. Previously the food carts were being moved manually which involved high manual handling risks, worker fatigue and overall productivity inefficiencies. The Tug has eliminated manual handling, streamlined the movement of the food carts, which quite often have to navigate long distances, and now has the ability to stop and start effortlessly.

Improving airline catering efficiency and safety 

This airline caterer strives to be recognised as a leader in the prevention of injuries, accidents and incidents through dedication to system safety principles, quality processes and commitment to continuous improvement. Ensuring the safety of their employees and protecting the assets of their customers, the incorporation of Electrodrive’s Tug Classic has contributed to an achievement of a 65% reduction in lost time injuries and they are now able to move four times the food carts they previously were able to, in the same amount of time.

Some of the benefits include:

  • A single person can easily move heavy loads.

  • Improved safety.

  • Low cost integration into existing processes.

Electrodrive's Tug Evo towing a large trolley through an airport
Electrodrive's Tug Evo towing a large trolley through an airport
Electrodrive's Tug Classic towing an airline cart
Tug Classic towing an airline cart
Electrodrive's Tug Classic towing a light aircraft
Tug Classic towing light aircraft

Moving heavy aerospace tooling

Marand first came to Electrodrive in 2006, commisioning a fleet of Powered Trolleys that have become a key part of their processes. When Marand needed to expand their capacity for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, they worked with Electrodrive to specify an additional 16 Powered Trolleys. These trolleys include a customised top to specifically suit the load requirements, as well as a restricted space handle and speed control.

Marand have been able to seamlessly integrate a heavy moving requirement into their operations while improving productivity and work conditions. Most significantly, safety is improved with the elimination of heavy lifting and pushing, with the workforce feeling supported and valued.

Moving heavy tooling around a production site can be difficult. When it needs to happen seamlessly as part of a turnkey operation for Boeing, you really need to get it right.


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Electrodrive towing light aircraft

Case study

Towing light aircraft

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