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Electrodrive at the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia conference 2019

Human factors & ergonomics society of Australia: Annual conference

September 2019

Electrodrive proudly presents at the 2019 HFESA conference

HFESA (Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia) are a registered charity who promote "People-centred environments, products and systems for all."

On Monday 16th September, our Healthcare Product Specialist, Lloyd Sanders, presented Electrodrive's new Powered Wheelchair Mover at the annual HFESA conference. The importance of this new ergonomically designed unit was communicated to an audience of senior ergonomists and OHS consultants from around the world, including members from WorkSafe Victoria and leading safety demonstrators for major hospital groups.

With a focus on health and safety for the end user, the powered Wheelchair Mover offers a powered assisted move for wheelchairs, while reducing the amount of push effort required. Ergonomically designed, its tiller control adapts to the height of the user, for effortless use.

According to HFESA "The intervention of ergonomists can be critical to safety and performance in a surprisingly wide range of fields and activities—at home, in an office, factory, construction site, hospital or shopping centre." "Ergonomists promote the safety and well-being not only of people in the workforce, but also children and the elderly."

Source: www.ergonomics.org.au

Fallshaw Group is a major sponsor of the HFESA and is now proudly in its fourth year running.

How much effort does it take to push a 100 kg patient?

The required sustained force:

  • Manually pushing a patient in a wheelchair = 8 kg

  • Using the wheelchair mover = < 1 kg

    Force required on a slope for manual-pushing is higher.

For more information on acceptable frequencies of sustained pushing of wheeled equipment over stated distances, refer to the Snook and Ciriello table

Read more about the Powered Wheelchair Mover and ask us about a free demonstration or trial today.



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