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Liftmaster Rugged (Powered) bin lifter

Battery powered bin lifter with a 150 kg load capacity

Rugged (Powered) Bin Lifter - Liftmaster

Features at a glance

Full swing icon

Full swing

150 kg max load icon

Lifting capacity of 150 kg

50 lifts per day icon

Suitable for 50 lifts per day.


The Liftmaster Rugged powered bin lifter on a construction site
The Liftmaster Rugged powered bin lifter on a construction site
Liftmaster's Rugged powered bin lifter
Liftmaster's Rugged Galvanised bin lifter
The Rugged Powered bin lifter's push-button hand control for easily lifting and lowering the wheelie bins.
The Rugged Powered bin lifter's push-button hand control for easily lifting and lowering the wheelie bins.

Australian bin lifter

The Liftmaster Rugged (Powered) Bin Lifter is an Australian-made bin lifter designed for lifting and emptying wheelie bins into skip bins with ease. With manoeuvrability in mind, it has a small footprint, is lightweight and has a 240V electro-hydraulic operation making it the perfect solution for emptying heavy bins (weighing up to 150 kg) on building/construction or industrial sites.  

The lift mechanism is a full swing operation, as opposed to the lift-and-tilt operation of the Ecolift bin lifter.

Upgrade options available

Galvanised bin lifter

  • A fully galvanised bin lifter model for highly-corrosive areas or permanent outdoor storage. The perfect weather-resistant bin lifter solution for durability and longer life.

    Perfect for food and beverage manufacturers.

All Terrain bin lifter

  • All Terrain bin lifter model with thick rubber pneumatic wheels suited for grass, dirt, rubble and uneven surfaces.

    Perfect for construction sites.

Galvanised and the All Terrain bin lifters

Galvanised (left) and All-Terrain (right) Rugged bin lifters.

Typical applications

Suitable for construction sites, industrial sites, local councils, factories, hotels, apartments, high-rise basements, caravan parks/holiday parks, arenas and other large outdoor areas.


Features and specifications

Order codes

  • BLEH1500 (for 1500 mm skip bins)

  • BLEHAT1500 ('All terrain' model for 1500 mm skip bins)

  • BLEH1500LL (lid lifter compatible for 1500 mm skip bins)

  • BLEH1800 (for 1800 mm skip bins)

  • BLEH1500GAL (galvanised model for 1500 mm skip bins)—lead times determined upon request.

  • BLEH1800GAL (galvanised model for 1800 mm skip bins)—lead times determined upon request.

Lifting capacity

150 kg

Lifting mechanism

Full swing

Recommended lifts (per day)


Bin compatibility

  • Wheelie bin: 120, 140* and 240 litre

  • Skip bin: 1500 and 1800 mm

  • Please note: The BLEH1500 and BLEH1800 bin lifters are not compatible with 660 and 1100 litre plastic dumper bins due to the insufficient weight for holding the bin lifter in place when emptying 240 litre wheelie bins.

    * Note: You must change the position of the bin catch for 140 litre wheelie bins. Watch our demo video.


  • Method: Push-button hydraulic system.

  • Time: 35 seconds.


  • 12V rechargeable battery and smart charger.

  • 10A main outlet.


Powder-coated (standard), or galvanised finish available.

Fits through internal doorways


Highest tip point

  • BLEH1500/1500LL: 3278 mm

  • BLEHAT1500: 3370 mm

  • BLEH1800: 3752 mm

Swept radius

  • BLEH1500/1500LL: 1629 mm

  • BLEH1800: 1909 mm

Country of origin

Designed and manufactured in Australia.

Safety features

  • Braking castors for stability.


Comprehensive 12-month warranty.


Training and servicing programs are available.

Download our Preventative Maintenance Plans for more information.

Dimensions (L/W/H)

  • BLEH1500: 850/850/1700 mm

  • BLEH1800: 850/850/1960 mm


The diagrams below show the lifting height and swept radius of the BLEH1500 and BLEH1800 models.

The lifting height and swept radius of the Liftmaster Rugged bin lifter

Liftmaster's bin lifter range

Liftmaster's bin lifter range

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