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Liftmaster—Universal bin lifter

Battery powered bin lifter with a 250 kg load capacity

Liftmaster Universal Bin Lifter

Features at a glance

Lift and tilt icon

Lift and tilt

Highest tip point: 2900 mm

250 kg max load icon

Lifting capacity of 250 kg

100 lifts per day icon

Suitable for 100 lifts per day

Safety panels icon

Safety panels


Australian-made bin lifter built for safety

The Liftmaster Universal Bin Lifter is a fully enclosed battery operated bin lifter, designed for ease-of-use with its push button controls. It is a safe way for a single user to effortlessly lift and empty heavy wheelie bins—weighing up to 250kg—into skip bins. It can be used in high pedestrian traffic areas such as schools and supermarkets, as it features a safety cage and a lockable door to help protect the user or passers by from injury.

Safety compliant for peace of mind

When employee safety is paramount the Universal Bin Lifter is the model for you. Completely Australian Standards compliant, the safety cage and extra guarding adds extra protection for users. 

Suitable for heavy weight and regular lifts, the simple push-button operation eliminates all manual handling and associated risks.

The Universal has a lift-and-tilt motion
The Universal bin lifter in action
Liftmaster's Universal bin lifter has a lift-and-tilt motion
The Universal has a lockable safety cage
Universal bin lifter
The Universal bin lifter is button-operated

Typical applications

Suitable for supermarkets, schools, construction sites, apartment blocks, waste management companies, event organisers.


Features and specifications

Order code

UBL250HYD1500 (for 1500 mm skip bins)

UBL250HYD1800 (for 1800 mm skip bins)

Lifting capacity

250 kg

Lifting mechanism


Recommended lifts (per day)

100 +

Bin compatibility

Wheelie bin: 80, 120, 140 and 240 litre

Skip bin: 1500 and 1800 mm


Method: Push-button hydraulic system.

Time: 35 seconds.


12V rechargeable battery and smart charger

10A main outlet

Highest tip point

2900 mm

Country of origin

Designed and manufactured in Australia.

Safety features

  • Safety cage and lockable door to eliminate hand and foot crush-points for operators and bystanders.

  • Braking castors for stability.

  • Sturdy stand-alone unit.

  • National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) load tested and certified


  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty.


Training and servicing programs are available.

Download our Preventative Maintenance Plans for more information.

Dimensions (L/W/H)

1500/980/2200 mm


Liftmaster bin lifter range

Liftmaster bin lifter range

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