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Transpak powered trolley

Battery-operated flat-bed trolley with 500 kg capacity


The Electrodrive Transpak makes light work of meal delivery, providing a power drive to overcome the push effort.

Manoeuvring is easy with its tiller style control and visibility is vastly improved as the trolley is positioned behind the operator, keeping them in front of the load.

A powered mover designed for meal delivery units

Meal delivery in hospitals and aged care facilities is a demanding task. Pushing and manoeuvring refrigerated and heated tray delivery units presents serious risks of manual handling injuries like back and side strains, while obscured vision increases the risk of accidents and collisions.

Transpak: Powered Meal Delivery Trolley
Transpak pictured with a "Burlodge" meal delivery system
The Transpak used in a hospital for meal deliveries
The Transpak used in a hospital for meal deliveries
A close-up of the Transpak hand controller
A close-up of the Transpak hand controller

Ergonomic motorised trolley

This compact drive assembly comes with its own chassis, swivel castors, battery pack, and control unit with convenient Tiller steering or Twist Grip. The existing trolley castors are simply replaced with the Electrodrive Transpak to allow for effortless battery powered movement of the trolley. It easily fits food trolleys, bain-maries and cook/chill units.

The Transpak incorporates all of the features you would expect in an Electrodrive product, including a programmable controller, forward and reverse drive modes, variable speed control, automatic electromagnetic park brakes and emergency brake release. As with all Electrodrive equipment, the Transpak comes with a comprehensive 12-month warranty, including parts and labour.

Typical applications

  • Motorising bain-maries or cook/chill units.

  • Motorising your existing food trolleys.

  • Move medical goods or IV drips.

Features and specifications

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Load capacity

Move up to 500 kg.

Max. speed

Up to 4.5 km per hour.

Speed mode

Three speed control with forward, reverse and emergency stop.


  • Battery operated and rechargeable for optimum operation and battery life.

  • Ergonomic design.

  • Non-marking tyres.

  • Battery level indicator.

  • Maximum manoeuvrability.

  • Tiller handle steering that folds up to reduce space when not in use.

  • Simple to use.

  • Electro-magnetic park brake.

  • Quiet, smooth operation.


  • Compatible with all meal delivery systems including those from Burlodge, Socamel and Versigen.

  • Frame size can be custom built to suit your requirements.

Country of origin

Designed and manufactured in Australia.

Safety features

  • Emergency stop button.

  • Emergency back-off button.


  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty.

  • Six month warranty on battery and charger.


Training and servicing programs are available.

Download our Preventative Maintenance Plans for more information.


Two 12V-33Ah rechargeable batteries with 24V smart charger.

Dimensions (L/W/H)

1802/785/895 mm

Transpak powered trolley diagram

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