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Tug Compact

Battery powered tug with 500 kg tow capacity

electric tugger

Features at a glance

500 kg tow capacity

Pin hitch

Three speed motor with emergency stop

Non marking tyres


Electrodrive's Tug Compact towing heavy boxes in a warehouse
Tug Compact towing heavy packages in a warehouse
Electrodrive's Tug Compact towing linen trolleys in a hospital
Tug Compact towing linen trolleys
The Tug Compact towing an equipment trolley in a hospital
Tug Compact towing an equipment trolley in a hospital

Ergonomic electric tug 

The Tug Compact pedestrian operated electric tug is a nimble powered tug that allows a user to tow up to 500 kg safely. It is the ideal tug for towing document, stock, linen, medical trolleys or meal trolleys in and around tight spaces with ease. 

With the forward facing tow action of a tug, the user is always protected against collisions and costly push/pull injuries.

Typical applications

Suitable for warehouses, hospitals, linen service, casinos, hospitality, retail or universities. Examples include:

  • Moving document trolleys around universities.

  • Transporting medical carts around hospitals.

  • Moving bins or linen trolleys.

  • Moving goods around warehouses.


Features and specifications

Order code


Tow capacity

500 kg on flat ground.

Max. speed

Up to 5 km per hour.

Speed mode

Three speed control with forward, reverse and emergency stop.


  • Battery operated and rechargeable.

  • Ergonomic design.

  • Simple to use.

  • Quiet, smooth operation.

  • Zero emissions.

  • Non-marking tyres.


Country of origin

Designed and manufactured in Australia.

Safety features

  • Emergency stop button.

  • Emergency back-off button.


  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty.

  • Six month warranty on battery and charger.


Training and servicing programs are available.

Download our Preventative Maintenance Plans for more information.


Two 12V-33Ah rechargeable gel batteries (deep cycle, long-lasting, maintenance-free) with 24V smart charger.

Dimensions (L/W/H)

1100/609/891 mm (with the handle down)

A diagram of the Tug Compact with its dimensions


Hitching for mobile meal delivery systems

There is also the option for a customised hitch to suit all pod and mobile meal delivery systems (pictured), allowing for compact and ease of manoeuvrability in tight corridors.

Check the hitching and accessories page for more information.

The Tug Compact

The powered tug range

The Powered Tug range


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