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Powered tug - 660 and 1100 litre bin hitches

Universal hitches for towing 660 and 1100 litre bins

Our universal hitching brackets fit underneath 660 litre or 1100 litre bins (between the castor plates and bin) to maximise strength and enable towing of multiple bins at once. 

The hitching brackets are suitable for ramps up to 14 degrees. The tow pins are secured by R-pins.

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If you are looking for more information about towing 660 or 1100 litre bins on ramps, download our brochure.

Towing bins on ramps brochure

Sulo bins with the Tug Incliner


660/1100 litre bin hitching brackets


Fits onto the front or rear of the 660 or 1100 litre bin to allow it to be towed.


Directional lock tabs for steering (order code DLSULO) for trolleys with 4 swivel castors―retrofitted on 2 x rear-mounted swivel castors to stop bins swaying side-to-side.

Tug compatibility

For use on Tug Rise and the Tug Axis range.

Order code

  • EDUNIBH6611F (Front hitching bracket)

  • EDUNIBH6611R (Rear hitching bracket)

Front bin hitch

Sulo 660 or 1100 litre front bin hitch

Rear bin hitch

Sulo 660 or 1100 litre rear bin hitch


Accessories for towing 660L and 1100L bins

Directional lock tabs for steering

Warning: Never tow with four swivel castors.

Towing bins with four swivel castors will cause problems with trailing and "fishtailing" (cutting corners, rather than following the unit). 

For safety purposes, directional lock tabs are fitted to your bin's existing rear swivel castors to enable controlled steering and towing in a straight line.

Order code




  • For use on Sulo bin castors.

  • Improves steering and manoeuvrability. 

  • Enables towing of bins in a straight line. 

  • Fitted between castor plate and base of bin for reliability and safety.

Directional lock tabs on bin

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