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Tug hitches and accessories

Common hitches for the Electrodrive powered tug range

Hitching to loads is a critical part of operating an Electrodrive powered tug. Below are the standard hitches available for the Electrodrive powered tug range. If you don't find one that suits your equipment, we can make one that does.

For more info, download our Powered Tug hitch information (PDF).

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Pin hitch


Typically used on trolleys with tow bars such as meal trolleys and stock trolleys, the pin hitch can also be mounted upside-down to suit spring-loaded drawbars that push upwards.
These are becoming more common in workplaces, as no bending is required.


Suitable for meal trolleys for hospitals, roll cages for supermarkets.

Tug compatibility

For use on Tug Compact (16mm and 19mm); Tug Rise 1T (19mm only); Tug Axis 1T and 2T (16mm and 19mm); Tug Axis 4T and 5T (19mm only) and Tug Tough 10T (32mm and 50mm).
When fitted to the Tug Compact and Tug Tough, the pin hitch enables vertical and horizontal movement.

Note: When fitted to the Tug Axis, the turret must be locked to disable pivoting, otherwise uncontrolled movement will occur.

Order codes

  • EDHT1313 (16 mm diameter)

  • EDHT1316 (19 mm diameter)

  • EDHT1810-002 (16 mm diameter)

  • EDHT1810-043 (19 mm diameter)

  • EDHT10TPIN (32 mm diameter)

  • EDHT10TPIN50 (50 mm diameter)

Powered tug pin hitch

Auto-latching hitch


To use the auto-latching hitch, a trolley with a 25 mm diameter tow bar is needed. Electrodrive can provide a tug hitch bar (EDHT1010) which can be welded or bolted to your trolley if required (pictured below).

The auto-latching hitch enables limited vertical movement. Horizontal movement is provided by the Tug Axis’s rotating turret. The hitch is set at 320 mm from the ground.


Suitable for industrial, heavier-duty trolleys with loads of 1-2 tonne.

Tug compatibility

For use on Tug Rise 1T and Tug Axis range (1T, 2T, 4T and 5T models).

Order code


Powered tug auto-latching hitch
EDHT1010 hitch bar

Hydraulic arm lift kit hitch


Hydraulic arm lift kit


This hitch is used for moving trailers, caravans or boats which have a 50 mm tow ball coupling. The hitch arm is operated by hydraulic system running at high pressure, via a self-centering toggle switch situated near the handle.

The pinch points surrounding the arm movement and must be avoided at all times during the operation of the hydraulic system.


Suitable for single-axle trailers or caravans fitted with a standard 50 mm tow ball coupling and a jockey wheel to safely lower the load over the tow ball.

Tug compatibility

For use on Tug Axis 4T and 5T models.

Order code



Watch a demonstration

Powered tug hydraulic arm lift kit hitch

Clamp hitch


Clamp hitches grab the trolley frame from the outside. It works by clamping the load between two hooks. These hitches are commonly seen on linen trolleys belonging to linen companies, hospitals and hotels. The clamp hitch has a range of 520–720 mm so it suits trolleys that have a width that is between these two numbers.
Each clamp hitch must be supplied with:
EDHT1810-006 (self-centering hitch) for the Tug Compact or EDHT1810-035 (optional skate hitch).


Suitable for linen trolleys, roll cages and trolleys with wire mesh sides.

Tug compatibility

  • The general duty clamp hitch (EDHTCLAMP001) is suitable for use on the Tug Compact.
    Note: The Tug Compact has a permanently fixed turret, so when using the EDHTCLAMP001, you will also need to add EDHT1810-006 (self-centering hitch) to allow the trolley to follow behind it. Optional: EDHT1810-035 (skate hitch).
  • The heavy duty clamp hitch (EDHTCLAMP002) is suitable for use on the Tug Axis 1/2T (1000 kg maximum capacity).
    Note: This is suitable for trolleys that do not have an existing hitch point to connect to.

Order codes:

  • EDHTCLAMP001 (general duty)

  • EDHTCLAMP002 (heavy duty)


Powered tug clamp hitch

Groove hitch


Groove hitches are designed for plastic tub trolleys with slotted handles or metal linen trolleys. EDHTGROOVE0484 hitch is our new swivel mechanism which locks the tubs from inside the handle grooves.

These hitches are normally used on plastic linen trolleys which don’t have an exposed or open frame to grab onto from the outside.


Rotomould linen trolleys with slotted handles.

Tug compatibility

For use on Tug Axis 1T / 2T.

Order code


Powered tug groove hitch

Tow ball A-frame hitch


The tow ball hitch is most commonly used for the movement of trailers, caravans or boats. The tow ball position can be adjusted manually to suit a height of 500 or 600 mm from ground.


Single-axle trailers or caravans fitted with a standard 50 mm tow ball coupling and a jockey wheel to safely lower the load over the tow ball.

Tug compatibility

For use on Tug Axis range (1T, 2T, 4T and 5T models).

Order code


Powered tug Tow ball A-frame hitch

Double wheelie bin hitch


Move up to two wheelie bins at the same time using this hitch.

To hitch or unhitch the bins, simply lift the handle. The height of the hitching point can be manually adjusted with two wing knobs located on the side of the vertical frame.


Moving moulded wheelie bins ranging from 80 to 240 litres with adjustable height and width.

Tug compatibility

For use on the Tug Compact and the Tug Axis range.

Order code


Powered tug - Double wheelie bin hitch

660 & 1100 litre bin hitches


Our universal hitching brackets fit underneath 660 litre or 1100 litre bins (between the castor plates and bin) to maximise strength and enable towing of multiple bins at once.

The hitching brackets are suitable for ramps up to 14 degrees. The tow pins are secured by R-pins.


Directional lock tabs for steering (order code LMDLSULO) for trolleys with 4 swivel castors―retrofitted on 2 x rear-mounted swivel castors to stop bins swaying side-to-side.

Tug compatibility

For use on Tug Rise and the Tug Axis range.

Order codes

  • EDUNIBH6611F (Front hitching bracket)

  • EDUNIBH6611R (Rear hitching bracket)

Powered tug - 660 and 1100 litre bin hitches

Warning: Never tow with four swivel castors. Towing bins with four swivel castors will cause problems with trailing and 'fishtailing'—cutting corners, rather than following the unit.

For safety purposes, directional lock tabs are fitted to your bin's existing rear swivel castors to enable controlled steering and towing in a straight line.

Visit our Hitches for towing 660 and 1100 litre bins page for more information.

Tug accessories and options



Order code

Amber strobe 24V

Tug range


Amber beacon, 24V

Tug range


Amber beacon, mounted on pole

Tug range


Audible beeper

Tug range


Charger bracket (wall mounted)

Tug Compact, Tug Axis 1/2T


Spare key

Tug range


Throttle lever guard

Tug range


Weather-resistance from above (IPX2), includes tiller component upgrade and splashguard fitted

Tug range


Weather/dust-proofing (IP54), includes electrical enclosure and tiller components upgrade

Tug range





Battery pack, 2 x 44Ah lift-out

Tug Axis range


Batteries—quick-change, 2 x 34Ah lift-out (includes cable set)

Tug range


Batteries—quick-change, 2 x 45Ah lift-out (includes cable set)

Tug Axis 1T/2T


Battery upgrade, for extended run time

Tug Axis 1T/2T





Non-marking grey tyre upgrade (size: 410/350-6)

Tug range


Puncture-proof tyres (poly-filled, size: 410 x 350-6)

Tug range


Puncture-proof tyres (poly-filled, grey non-marking, size: 410 x 350-6)

Tug Compact


Puncture-proof tyres (poly-filled, size: 13/5 x 6)

Tug Axis 1T/2T


Puncture-proof tyres (poly-filled, grey non-marking, size: 13.5 x 5.5-8)

Tug Axis 4T/5T


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